Over the years we have created thousands of flower tributes of all kinds from teacups to trains, from football shirts to snooker tables to favourite brands or foods or animals. Whatever you want no matter how big or small we can make it and guarantee it to last at least 2 weeks in fair weather. Custom made tributes can be sent by family and friends you can choose designs, colours and flowers that reflect the persons life .Choose a funeral tribute that you like and feel ‘fits’ your message.

We know how much you want to give your loved one the best possible send off and guarantee creative beautiful fragrant designs.

Funeral flowers are so creative and a great way to say something about your loved one without words.

Flowers from the heart……

Saying goodbye to a loved is probably one of the most difficult things you will ever have to do, please accept our condolences for your loss.

Flowers for MUM

Selecting the right flowers for your mum’s funeral can be incredibly difficult and we know how hard this can be, but we’re here to help you with some ideas and inspiration. If your mum had a favourite flower, or colour, hobby or something she really loved, you may want to think about incorporating them into a personalised arrangement.

Flowers for DAD

Flowers at a funeral can be a lovely way to remember and celebrate someone’s life. When it comes to funeral flowers for your dad, you may wish to choose something simple, or something more in keeping with who they were. You could use their favourite football team colours as a theme or something to do with their profession.  It could even be their favourite food, drink or hobby.

Funeral sprays wreathes and posies.

Friends neighbours and acquaintances usually send wreaths, posies and single ended sprays or sympathy bouquet. Try to choose colours and flowers that reflect the persons life and choose a funeral tribute that you like and feel ‘fits’ your message A Sympathy bouquet also known as a funeral sheaf is cut flowers wrapped in cellophane and tied with a bow/ribbon for ease of handling and transportation to the service. A Sympathy bouquet is designed for the occasion made to your specifications. Funeral wreathes and Sympathy bouquets are the most popular form of funeral tribute.

Coffin sprays

As Coffin sprays are traditionally displayed during the service, they need to be delivered to the funeral director, chapel or crematorium. There are various styles and sizes of coffin tribute; from coffin sprays to Holy crosses, Om, Khanda or Star of David – which tend to come from the immediate family. If you cannot find the perfect tribute we can custom make something to your wishes. Any design can be created using flowers in various sizes and different colours.

Flower Letters

Letter flower arrangements are extremely popular these usually go in the hearse alongside the coffin, and then are displayed in front of the coffin during the service. You can personalise the letters so you can have any word you like from Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle or nickname to Legend, Hero or Unforgettable. It is generally accepted that Letter funeral tributes should be sent by the family of the deceased only, similarly for the main coffin spray as well as religious tributes


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